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Choosing a gift can be hard. But who doesn't want food? Here, we curated the best products from one of the Mediterranean's most unknown countries: Croatia. This hidden culinary gem is tucked across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. From the Romans to the current republic, Croatia has been at the crossroads of civilization since the beginning of time.

Each of these products are chosen based on the highest culinary standards. In a world full of "premium" or "gourmet" products, the producers stand out for creating a product where you can actually tell the difference. Products of this quality cannot be found in just any supermarket, their rarity precludes them. It's no wonder why chefs from around the world seek out such incredible delicacies.

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All of our products are certified organic in both Croatia, where they are grown, and in various other European Union countries.


From Italy to Germany to the United States, the world's best chefs solicit our products to be featured on their menu. Striving for nothing but perfection, our products can be relied upon to deliver a one-of-a-kind tasting experience that can be found nowhere else.


What's Inside

Chiavalon Ex Albis | Organic Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A favorite among chefs from Italy to the US, Chiavalon Ex Albis is an organically-produced extra virgin olive oil from the Istria region of Croatia. With gold medals from Italy to Japan to the United States, the quality of the olive oil speaks for itself. High in polyphenols and cold-pressed, the Chiavalon family combines traditional milling techniques with modern technology to produce the crown jewel of Croatia's olive oil.

Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam

Grown on Croatia’s idyllic Adriatic coast, the Dalmatian fig has a reputation for its quality. Unlike other parts of the Mediterranean where figs are harvested with quantity, not quality, in mind, Croatia’s industry focuses on growing the best fig. Troglava fig jam is created from a traditional Croatian recipe that was developed in Dalmatia. The modern day grower of these figs follows the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a pioneer in growing figs in the Bacina lakes region of the Adriatic coast. Having studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb, the maker of Troglava Fig Jam was able to modernize the process of making fig jam without losing the integrity of the product itself.

Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Spread

Derived from a traditional recipe born in Croatia’s Adriatic coast spanning generations, Troglava fig spread has stood the test of time through its use of high quality, simple ingredients. 96% fig with a blend of spices and red wine (product is non-alcoholic).

In the Deluxe...

Chiavalon Atilio | Organic Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


Chiavalon Romano | Organic Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Atilio is the spicier, bolder variant of the Chiavalons' Ex Albis Extra Virgin olive oil. Perfect alone or for marinades, dips, salads, meat and pasta dishes, this blend of olive oil is has a strong aroma and is very intense, a favorite of those who prefer a stronger flavor.

Romano is the milder, fruitier variant of the Chiavalons' Ex Albis Extra Virgin olive oil. Perfect for fish dishes, this blend of olive oil was created as a tribute to their grandfather, who had an affinity for seafood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Robert Bertani
Fig Jam, Croation

100% - Tasty, delicious!!

Cheryl Kinsinger
Tasty jam

Like that there is no sugar in it. My son enjoyed it on waffles!


I fell in love with fig jam on a restaurant sandwich at a great place, in Champaign Illinois. Green apple, Italian ham fig jam. I had never had fig jam. Great, life changing. I saw this ad and I was excited to try my on hand at the sandwich.
This is an excellent jam. I bought 2 and will definitely buy again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Connie O.
Liquid Gold

Delicious olive oil. It is the only one I order and use since visiting the olive orchards in Croatia.

James Loubiefre

One of the best Olive Oils i've had


Have not used it yet

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sara Meyer

Love to put this fig spread on a charcuterie board. It's perfect

Mark Lindsey

The fig spread was really nice and tasty

Sue Richardson

Lovely, not-to-sweet, full of figgy flavor.