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WIth a commitment to sustainability, each of our products are certified organic in Croatia and various European Union countries.

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A benchmark for quality, our products are submitted to various European, Asian, and American competitions that result in the top medals being awarded.


When the best chefs from Europe to the US are looking for the highest quality ingredients, they turn to our products.

Now Available: Croatia's Finest Fig Jams & Spreads

Grown on Croatia’s idyllic Adriatic coast, the Dalmatian fig has a reputation for its quality. Unlike other parts of the Mediterranean where figs are harvested with quantity, not quality, in mind, Croatia’s industry focuses on growing the best fig.

Troglava fig jam is created from a traditional Croatian recipe that was developed in the coastal area of Dalmatia. The modern day grower of these figs, Tomo Ostojic, follows the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a pioneer in growing figs in the Bacina lakes region of the Adriatic coast. Having studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb, Tomo was able to modernize the process of making fig jam without losing the integrity of the product itself.