Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam

Figs aren't a big deal in the U.S. so other producers can get away with a bad product. I'm guessing you weren't exactly raised on fig jam growing up in the states and why would you be? It's really only a staple food in the Mediterranean.


Now back to the point. U.S. fig jam isn't great because it doesn't have to be. Even I, the lonely copywriter, had no idea what good fig jam was until the owner of this company made me try it. In Croatia though? They might as well be hooked up to a fig jam IV. And for good reason! The figs are harvested fresh and the growing techniques are passed down through generations of dedicated craftsmen. In the U.S, I'm lucky to get a box of old silverware out of my grandparents. I'm rambling, but you get the point.


This is Croatian fig jam straight from Croatia. You may not know yet why that's so good, but $11 isn't exactly a lot of money to find out. It's been a long pandemic and I'm sure coming up with good topics with your relatives is gonna be tough this holiday season. Buy some fig jam for you or for them, maybe even both, and share this plucky piece of copy with them. It'll at least fill a few minutes of awkward silence and to me, that's priceless.


Ingredients: Figs (96%), sugar, citric acid.

240g340g240g (Pack of 6)340g (Pack of 6)

Alright, enough with the storytelling. Let's get down to the facts. I'm going to stick with bullet points for all my fellow skimmers:

  • - Fast Shipping (promise)

  • - Free Shipping Over $59 (even better)

  • - $7.95 - $8.95 Shipping Under $59 (throw in olive oil. EZ)

  • - AK/HI Shipping = +$20 (can I come visit?)

  • - Secure Checkout (expected, but still nice)

  • - Authentic, Organically-Grown Croatian Product (speaks for itself)

The Benefits

Still not impressed? You're a tough nut to crack. Does this do anything for you?

  • 96% FIG - Most domestic fig jams are less than 50% fig. I'm a writer. Math isn't my strong suit either. But even I get that 96% is a whole lot more than 50% and the taste proves it.

  • TRADITIONAL RECIPE - Picture this. A wide, sweeping shot of coastal Croatia more than a century ago. You zoom in to see rows and rows of picturesque fig fields. A quaint farmer family tending to the figs to preserve and sell to the locals. (I really need to book some travel). Fast forward to modern times and we have the technology to capture and preserve that same flavor and ship it right to your door. How crazy is that?

  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Look, it's not going to make you a super human, but you could do a lot worse when it comes to sweet snacks. I eat it on toast for breakfast, but I wouldn't eat a cake for breakfast (only that once). Oh and there's calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and some other stuff.

96% Organic Fig Jam. We Leave Out the Stuff the Other Guys Put In.

Look, at this point, I've given you all the information you need to decide if you want this stuff or not. I'd buy it if the owner didn't give it to me for free. (Reminder: ask for more fig jam). Either you're sucked in by the quality and are ready to add to cart or you're just genuinely curious where I'm gonna take it from here. 

Either way, I appreciate you making it this far. From a purely analytical perspective, that makes you special. Like, mathematically, you are the exception not the rule for reading the bottom-of-the-page content. I don't have it in me to strong-arm you. If you want this fig jam, you won't be disappointed. If you don't, I'm just glad you gave us a shot this long. No need for a cheesy "buy now" to cap off this content. You're an adult. Do whatever you want.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sally Wilson
Fig jam

This fig jam was very very good. It was just sweet enough and the consistency was just right for spreading. The taste was excellent.

Joseph Molino
Croatian Fig Jam

It's very delicious, not too sweet and I love the spices. You can tell this jam is mainly fruit. It even has chunks and pieces of fruit in the jam! Will definitely buy again.

Wesley Scott


Tomislav Jakovac
Best I ever had as oil importer!

I always thought the best olive oil came from Australia, until I tasted my own Croatian oil. Amazing flavours, we keep ours as a delicate toping on any dish we feel the need for a bit of pickup. Lovely peppery after taste at the back of my toungue! Simply and pueraly amazing oilive oil! Living in Pola as a child, the fig's i had there will stay with me all my life, so we also bought the jam... simply exqusite!

This fig jam is delicious!

Thank you for promptly filling my order, this is the best jam I’ve ever indulged in. I grilling a pork tenderloin right now and will be coating it with a balsamic Troglava fig jam for dinner. It’s not done but I know it will be luscious. Thanks again!