Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Troglava | 96% Croatian Fig Jam
Derived from a traditional recipe born in Croatia’s Adriatic coast spanning generations, Troglava fig jam has stood the test of time through its use of high quality, simple ingredients. 96% fig.
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  • Authentic, Organically-Grown Croatian Product

The Benefits

  • 96% FIG - Where most brands of fig jam opt to use figs in less than half of their jam, Troglava cuts no corners. We aim to preserve the authentic taste of true Mediterranean fig jam with just three simple ingredients.

  • TRADITIONAL RECIPE - The story begins over a century ago, where the first figs were planted in the coastal region of Croatia where Troglava fig jam is made today. With the addition of modern technology, we are now able to preserve that same great taste that those from the region have grown accustomed to over the years.

  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Figs have been used as a way to satisfy sweet cravings in a healthy way since ancient times. This superfruit contains a number of important nutrients including calcium, potassium, fiber, iron & more!

96% Organic Fig Jam. We Leave Out the Stuff the Other Guys Put In.

Grown on Croatia’s idyllic Adriatic coast, the Dalmatian fig has a reputation for its quality. Unlike other parts of the Mediterranean where figs are harvested with quantity, not quality, in mind, Croatia’s industry focuses on growing the best fig. Troglava fig jam is created from a traditional Croatian recipe that was developed in Dalmatia. The modern day grower of these figs, Tomo Ostojic, follows the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a pioneer in growing figs in the Bacina lakes region of the Adriatic coast. Having studied at the Faculty of Agriculture in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb, Tomo was able to modernize the process of making fig jam without losing the integrity of the product itself.

Customer Reviews

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Fig jam


Fig jam that puts all others too same

I had high expectations, and it literally tastes like I picked the figs myself and crushed it into jam

New favorite fig jam

Strong flavor that doesn't taste processed like other fig jams.

Won't regret it!

I decided to splurge and see what its all about. The flavor is pure and rich, and knocked my taste buds out of the water.

Finally found the jam I've always been looking for

It's going to be hard to go back to other fig jams knowing this is out there