Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Ex Albis | High Polyphenol Olive Oil

Known as Croatia's "liquid gold," Chiavalon Ex Albis extra virgin olive oil is widely regarded as the best extra virgin olive oil produced in the country. With its exceptional quality and unique taste, it has already garnered a reputation as one of the best olive oils in the world.


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  • Harvest Date: November 2023

  • Early-Harvested for Richest Flavor

  • From Branch To Oil in Under 4 Hours

  • Polyphenol Count: 350 mg/kg




Customer Reviews

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Duane Stone
Great gift

Visited Croatia and needed a gift for everyone. Ordered this online so it would be there when I got home. Everyone loves it. Excellent oil.

Matic Hudournik

Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Ex Albis | High Polyphenol Olive Oil

High Polyphenol Olive Oil?

Very Good also very light did order a second one.


Olive trees are one of the symbols of Istria since the times of the Roman Empire. For thousands of years the olive trees planted on the red Istrian soil, the stone walls and little stone houses around the groves have shaped the life of Istrian people.


Istria’s rare terra rossa is characterized by an intense red color and permeated with calcaric stone, which makes the land work quite difficult, but gives the Istrian extra virgin olive oil its unique taste and fragrant intensity. This type of soil has a particular water storage capacity that keeps the olives from drying out during summer droughts.


The secret lies in lower temperatures which makes the olive trees have a shorter vegetation period and the oil accumulation in its fruit begins later than in southern regions, when the period of high temperatures has passed and can no longer have a negative effect on its quality. This results in high quality extra virgin olive oil of intense flavor, aroma and elegant notes of various herbs. In addition to being proud of our region, we also take pride in our indigenous olive varieties.

Meet the Chiavalons

In 1997, only two years after Croatia had successfully defended its campaign for independence and had an economy in its infancy, a 14-year-old Sandi Chiavalon began his ascent into olive oil stardom by watching over his family's olive oil grove in Vodnjan, Croatia. His grandfather had fallen ill and the olive trees that had stood in Istria for centuries were left to the care of Sandi. During this time, Sandi grew a small hobby into an obsession, and quickly realized that his passion and enthusiasm alone weren’t enough to fuel his desire to develop his own version of the Mediterranean’s “liquid gold.”


Sandi honed his olive oil production skills by enrolling at the Agricultural Secondary School in Poreč, Croatia before finishing his education at the Faculty of Agriculture in the capital of Zagreb. Using the trees he had to constantly test and develop new olive oils, Sandi subsequently began planting more trees in order to expand his production of olive oil, which was rapidly gaining traction in Istria.

Many years after 14-year-old Sandi had his first taste of cultivating olives, the Chiavalon estate has now grown to over 7,500 trees and has become a world leader in the quality of olive oil production. Being on the forefront of olive oil innovation, the Chiavalons constantly look for ways to improve and modernize olive oil production. The shelves of their estate are lined with gold medals from the top competitions from all around the world, and have been consistently given the designation of one of the top 25 extra virgin olive oils in the world by the World’s Best Olive Oils Association, an organization that looks over the results from each of the major olive oil competitions to populate their list.


Unlike most olive oils on the US market, the Chiavalons exclusively use olives native to Croatia in their production: buza vodnjanska, crnica vodnjanska, istarska bjelica, morazola and rosignola. With five different olives in their blend of Ex Albis extra virgin olive oil, the Chiavalons can pick and chose the blend based on which olives had the best growing season and which olives complement each other the best.


To hold such magnificent olive oil, the Chiavalons brought on leading design firm Bruketa&Žinić to create unique packaging for the Chiavalons’ oil, creating a beautiful bottle fit for Croatia's most awarded producer.


Chiavalon Ex Albis Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in two sizes, 500ml and 250ml. By limiting the size to these two categories, it prevents the oil from exposure to oxygen, an olive oils’ worst nightmare. Exposure to oxidation decreases the quality of the oil, which the Chiavalons aim to avoid at all costs.

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Hard work to bring quality to excellence

“Today, in the world of globalization and huge corporations, one rarely knows who the one is that guarantees a product's quality. When it comes to our extra virgin olive oil, the one is actually - us, the entire Chiavalon family, that strives and guarantees with its name that the extra virgin olive oil which reaches you will be of the utmost quality and the best one you have ever tasted. It is when tradition embrace the contemporary and the ancient allows to be awakened by some new energy, that the inspiration knows no boundaries.”

Co-Founders, Sandi & Tedi Chiavalon

Sandi Chiavalon

Tedi Chiavalon