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Croatian Fig Spread | 96% Fig | Troglava
Croatian Fig Spread | 96% Fig | Troglava
Croatian Fig Spread | 96% Fig | Troglava
Croatian Fig Spread | 96% Fig | Troglava
Croatian Fig Spread | 96% Fig | Troglava
Croatian Fig Spread | 96% Fig | Troglava

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Derived from a traditional recipe born in Croatia’s Adriatic coast spanning generations, Troglava fig spread has stood the test of time through its use of high quality, simple ingredients.


Ingredients: Figs (96%), Sugar, Red Wine, and Mediterranean Spices. Product is non-alcoholic.
240g (Pack of 2)340g (Pack of 2)240g (Pack of 6)340g (Pack of 5)

Alright, enough with the storytelling. Let's get down to the facts. I'm going to stick with bullet points for all my fellow skimmers:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ori Mansouri
Great Jam

It was delivered on time, nicely packaged and love the taste of this jam

Sara Meyer

Love to put this fig spread on a charcuterie board. It's perfect

Mark Lindsey

The fig spread was really nice and tasty

The Benefits

Still not impressed? You're a tough nut to crack. Does this do anything for you?

  • 96% FIG - Most domestic fig jams are less than 50% fig. I'm a writer. Math isn't my strong suit either. But even I get that 96% is a whole lot more than 50% and the taste proves it.

  • TRADITIONAL RECIPE - Picture this. A wide, sweeping shot of coastal Croatia more than a century ago. You zoom in to see rows and rows of picturesque fig fields. A quaint farmer family tending to the figs to preserve and sell to the locals. (I really need to book some travel). Fast forward to modern times and we have the technology to capture and preserve that same flavor and ship it right to your door. How crazy is that?

  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Look, it's not going to make you a super human, but you could do a lot worse when it comes to sweet snacks. I eat it on toast for breakfast, but I wouldn't eat a cake for breakfast (only that once). Oh and there's calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and some other stuff.

96% Organic Fig Jam. We Leave Out the Stuff the Other Guys Put In.

Look, at this point, I've given you all the information you need to decide if you want this stuff or not. I'd buy it if the owner didn't give it to me for free. (Reminder: ask for more fig jam). Either you're sucked in by the quality and are ready to add to cart or you're just genuinely curious where I'm gonna take it from here. 

Either way, I appreciate you making it this far. From a purely analytical perspective, that makes you special. Like, mathematically, you are the exception not the rule for reading the bottom-of-the-page content. I don't have it in me to strong-arm you. If you want this fig jam, you won't be disappointed. If you don't, I'm just glad you gave us a shot this long. No need for a cheesy "buy now" to cap off this content. You're an adult. Do whatever you want.