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Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil
Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil
Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil
Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil
Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil
Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil
Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Chiavalon Romano | High Polyphenol Olive Oil


A favorite among chefs from Italy to the US, Chiavalon Romano is an environmentally-friendly extra virgin olive oil from the Istria region of Croatia. With gold medals from Italy to Japan to the United States, the quality of the olive oil speaks for itself. High in polyphenols and cold-pressed, the Chiavalon family combines traditional milling techniques with modern technology to produce the crown jewel of Croatia's olive oil.


Romano is the milder, fruitier variant of the Chiavalons' Ex Albis Extra Virgin olive oil. Perfect for fish dishes, this blend of olive oil was created as a tribute to their grandfather, who had an affinity for seafood.


2022 Harvest


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Customer Reviews

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John C Roberts
Simply the best

There is a reason the "good" "olive oil" you buy in the store is cheaper. It's because it's not good and literally not olive oil. It's most likely 70% vegetable oil. The ingredients will still only list "extra virgin olive oil". However you are being lied to. The proof is in the smell.

If your olive oil doesn't smell like grass, it's fake. Buy a bottle of any of these olive oils they offer at drusk and smell the difference between what you have been using and drusk. Then you'll understand you've been lied to your untire life.

If you want REAL olive oil, this is it. It's fresh, tastes amazing and has been treated properly from tree to bottle. I've visited the facility in Croatia. It's a small family owned orchard and olive oil paradise. You simply can't do better. Personally I will never buy another bottle of olive oil at the store. Neither will you, because it's not olive oil.

Beverly Barr
Excellent olive oil.

Just returned from Croatia to the USA and was happy to find the delicious, fresh olive oil from Istria on your website. Incredibly good tasting olive oil and fast shipping.

Anna Cesnik
I Keep Buying

Latest order of Ex-Albis delicious as usual. Super quick delivery. One thing I didnt mention previously is that I have significantly cut down on butter, substituting this more healthful alternative in its place. A little drizzle on quinoa — wow!

Fast Shipping 

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Environmentally-Friendly Production

To endure hundreds of years of olive production (yes, hundreds!), trees are grown in an environment that ensures the long term success and quality of the olive trees and the olives they produce.  

Gold-Medal Awarded

Gold medals in Italy, New York, Japan, Switzerland, Croatia, Israel…need we go on? Chiavalon Extra Virgin Olive Oils have won the top award in the biggest competitions across the world.  

The Pinnacle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grown in the historic olive growing region of Istria in northwestern Croatia, Chiavalon olives are continually monitored throughout the year to ensure only the best olives make it into oil. The Chiavalons have spent over 23 years working to perfect the art of extra virgin olive oil, and they have their award cases to show for it.

Chiavalon brings fine-dining quality olive oil to your kitchen. Created to emulate the high quality olive oils that graced the tables of the ancient Romans, who were particularly fond of Istrian olive oil, every bottle of Chiavalon Ex Albis brings an authentic taste of the Mediterranean that cannot be beat.

  • Region: Istria

  • Place of production: Vodnjan

  • Altitude: 80 – 180 m.a.s.l.

  • Type: coupage/blend

  • Olive variety: Vodnjan Buža, Crnica, Istrian Bjelica, Rožinjola and Moražola

  • Harvesting method: combined; hand picked and using hand-held pneumatic branch shakers

  • Harvesting period: October

  • Processing method: continuous cycle, 2 phases, processed immediately after harvesting

  • Processing temperature: max 24°C

  • Color: intense green

  • Aroma: intense and very elegant, enriched with harmonic notes of wild chicory, green apple, artichoke, freshly cut green grass and tomato, as well as rich balsamic notes of mint, rosemary and sage, with a distinct almond note.

  • Flavor: profound, yet at the same time very balanced piquancy and bitterness. 

  • Serving suggestions: This oil pairs perfectly with mixed vegetable salads, legume hors d’oeuvres, mushroom soups, shellfish , grilled fish, marinated or grilled tuna, red and white meat and various cheeses. We recommend it with all types of pasta and risotto. It may also be served with dessert, preferably vanilla ice cream or chocolate cakes.