Looking for a Gift? We've Got the One       

But before we get down to business, let's get to know each other. Briefly, I promise.

However you came to be here, I'm sure you have some questions. Who are we, what is this, what am I buying, how much does it cost, and how did I even end up here? Great questions! Let's start with an easy one: How did you end up here? You clicked an ad. Very recently, actually. Like, within the last minute. That's actually a little bit concerning, but, let's press on. Here, I'll try to organize things for you.

Who are We?

We are Drusk Trading Co., premium purveyors of gourmet foods from the far flung corners of the world. And by that we mean we sell gourmet goods from Croatia. But Croatian wares you can ONLY buy exclusively through us in the United States.


What is This?

This is a collection of our finest Fig Jams and Olive Oils, perfectly preserved during their voyage overseas from the Adriatic coast to your humble abode.


How Much Does It Cost??

Slow down there, traveler. We've only just made your acquaintance. Before bartering, how 'bout we get to know you a little bit better?


What Brings You Here?

Your arrival here was no accident. You were brought here by the great Algorithm that attracts browsers to our page with its siren's song. But don't worry, we don't bite.     

Choose an option that best describes you:

Ok First -- A Confession:

You may have noticed that every single option leads you to the same place. And that the place is just slightly lower on the page. You might think that's because we're lazy or due to technical limitations on our end. You might be right. But look at it this way: In an age where you can't be too careful about online privacy, isn't it kind of comforting knowing what we're working with?

Also, here is a quick courtesy reminder that the "Buy Now" button is at the top if at any point you want to get off this ride. For everyone else, let the journey continue!


What Do I Actually Get?

No matter what, you're getting high quality, environmentally-sustainable fig jam and olive oil from historic Croatian growers. We loved these products so much in Croatia that we've brought them to the United States for you to gift and enjoy.

Not only that, but it comes in a beautiful gift box we designed for this 2022 selection of products.

Perfect for regifting presents you don't like.

Or buy the bundle, keep something, and put the rest back in the box. They'll never know.

If you're still here, we're impressed. I consider more than 15 seconds of anyone's attention a massive feat these days. If you've got a little more in you, we can tell you more about ourselves and our products (with a more jokes along the way).


Why Drusk Trading Co?

1.) We're a small business -- the internet has allowed us to provide the same quality and service of a large enterprise, but you can feel good knowing your money is going to everyday people trying to make the world a little healthier and more delicious.

2.) We're highly rated and accredited -- our products are consistently receiving high marks for quality, taste, and service, both in online reviews and in national competitions.

3.) We promise not to eat ANY of your food before it arrives. This may not be one of your top concerns when buying gourmet food online. It might not even make the top 10. But have any of the other brands personally guaranteed they won't take even one small bite? And is that a risk you're willing to take?


To learn more about our background visit Our Website.

Why Chiavalon?

Regarded as one of the best olive growing regions in the world, Istria, located in northwestern Croatia, has become the epicenter of the highest quality extra virgin olive oils not only in Croatia, but in the world. All our olive oils are extra virgin, cold-pressed, and early harvest. While most "extra virgin" olive oils are diluted, mislabeled, or chemically altered, these oils are simple, environmentally-friendly goodness. It's quality you can taste.

Why Troglava?

Most fig products have a laundry list of ingredients that dilute the taste and quality. We keep it simple: 96% of our jams/spreads are simply the figs themselves, with a small amount of other ingredients. Our jams and spreads serve as a sweet complement to your morning toast or charcuterie board, filled with antioxidants and vitamins to help justify the amount of this heavenly goodness you will be using.

If we've inspired you to take a chance on us, secure your gift bundle here before they're gone for the season!

Having trouble explaining why you got a Croatian gift set for a gift? Feel free to steal some of our lines*:

"Croatia is known for it's beautiful coasts and I don't know, it just make me think of you"

"You always make such delicious food so I figured you would appreciate someone giving you something delicious"

"You OBVIOUSLY know all about Croatian food, but I got this for you just in case you haven't tried this"

"Uh, Bob, was it? Here ya go"

"I know you've barely mentioned it before, but didn't you study abroad in Croatia? I thought you might like this"

*Drusk Trading Company is not responsible if your gift recipient sees the line on our site and thinks you're slightly less cool or worldly afterwards