Want The Best Ingredients for the Lowest Price?

That makes sense. The less you pay for ingredients, the better. A quick search for "Wholesale Olive Oil" or "Wholesale Fig Jam" brings you to a few different sites that seem good enough. The first result I clicked on offered a 55 gallon drum of olive oil which seems great if you're trying to bring your slip 'n slide to dangerous levels or squeeze an elephant through a doorway. But what if you actually care about how it tastes? What if it's important that your customers walk away commenting on the olive oil instead of just enduring it? What if serving a large format container of what is legally considered olive oil wasn't what compelled you to open your business? Well, we can't promise to win on price the way the current top ad on Google might. But we can promise 100% organic, non-GMO, Croatian olive oil that will leave a lasting impression. But if you'd rather go with whatever pours easily into this 80's-movie-bad-guy exploding barrel, we won't judge you. Ok, maybe just a little.

If you order this, you will have a good chance of receiving a liquid that is technically olive oil.

If you order with us, your customers will Google "Olive Oil" on the drive home trying to figure out what just happened in their mouths.

Google result for "Bulk Fig Jam". I'm sure it is some type of Jam.

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Admittedly biased but far more beautiful representation of what your fig jam could be like.