At Drusk Trading Company, we look for world-class producers and products that large companies will overlook. By hand selecting each producer and product after a thorough vetting process, we can gain assurances on the high quality we seek in each of the products we carry. We serve to bring something exclusive and memorable to your table; something that not only enhances your next meal, but also represents the flavor of the region from which the product derives.

Transparency is a company value we take seriously, which is why our producers will welcome you to taste their incredible products right on their farms. Visits to our producers are highly popular amongst our customers and other tourists who visit the region. Please contact us if you would like to set up a visit to one of our producers.


Our products come from the regions of Eastern and Central Europe, which for decades have been overlooked due to unstable or closed governments. It is here that we find true gems, people who work tirelessly to develop and create products unsurpassable by other producers. Due to the geographic positions and traditions of these countries, the profound flavors found in each of the products we carry are unique and differentiated from other products in the market.

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