Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies
Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies
Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies
Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies
Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies
Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies
Croatian Charcuterie Delicacies

Croatian Delicacies for Memorable Charcuterie

Your friends are coming over, so why bother with charcuterie instead of ordering pizza? 

Because charcuterie is also about the conversations that spring up around the board. The beautifully presented food you get to sample. 

And the home base you can return to when conversation gets awkward.

We offer the ingredients to make that happen. It comes from Croatia, you can only get it through us, and it's every bit as good as the reviews say.

Our Croatian fig jams and extra virgin olive oil are delicious enough to impulse buy and come with a story you can't help but share with your guests.

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Environmentally-Friendly Production

All of our products are grown sustainably in order to eliminate toxins that could enter the food, while preserving the environment in which they are grown in.


From Italy to Germany to the United States, the world's best chefs solicit our products to be featured on their menu. Striving for nothing but perfection, our products can be relied upon to deliver a one-of-a-kind tasting experience that can be found nowhere else.

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Still want that story you can tell your friends? Well we've got a good one.

Croatia is known for its figs and olive oil, which have been used by Michelin starred restaurants for decades. In the early 90s, Croatia transitioned to a full market economy after over 50 years of socialism.

This transition allowed Croatia to start selling its gourmet foods to the rest of the world, but they struggled to adapt to this new type of economy.

Drusk Trading Company, through its understanding of Croatian language and culture, brought these delicious products to the American market.

While we hope these products will one day be on tables across the country, for now they are still charcuterie's best kept secret.

Need some more selling points? Go ahead, print these out. People still have printers, right?   

When was the last time you wanted a ride halfway to the airport? Or got excited when the waiter brought out half your food?

So, why would you be excited to give your guests the supermarket fig jam that only contains 50% fig? Troglava fig jam is the real deal with almost no additives. Just traditionally-made jam with figs from one of Croatia's most heralded, small, organic orchards (pause for oohs and ahhs).

And don't get me started on the olive oil. It's won enough awards to make its parents proud (if it had any). Made on organic Chiavalon orchards that would make your doctor happy and with a taste that will ruin other olive oils for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Charlotte Brooks

Delicious is the word for the fig jam!

Eduard Malushi

Many companies should learn frim Drusk
Keep it going!!

Liz C.
Christmas gifts

I have had (and loved) your fig jam before and am giving the ones I ordered as gifts this year

Tom Barrett
I have researched croatia as a result of this wonderful product.

Now i hope to buy olive oil and other products from CroAtia. Trader Joes should carry these products!

Richard Russell
I would highly recommend

If you like figs, you will love this Jam. Give it a try.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
DrPaula Quinn

This lovely olive oil proves that it is cold pressed and fresh through its golden-green color, slight bitterness and delicate throat burn that dissipates quickly. Chiavalon Ex Albis Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a truly remarkable savory experience borne of the fruit of trees grown in the deep, rich red earth of Croatia.It will be my first choice among Extra Virgin Olive Oils from now on.

William Hoops

Love the olive oil

Kim Hamilton
Best Olive Oil!

I purchased the Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil and it is the best. It came a lot sooner than I expected which was great and very well packaged. Thanks!


Did a blind taste test w bottle in kitchen. Wow what a difference

Adeline Santaniello
Glad I Ordered

The aroma as soon as you open the bottle lets you know you made a good purchase. And then the taste - think of all the good adjectives because they all apply here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mark Lindsey

The fig spread was really nice and tasty

Sue Richardson

Lovely, not-to-sweet, full of figgy flavor.

Tom Parry
All t I had hope for.

I love figs. I love your fig spread. I bought a jar for each one in my family for Christmas. I may have to take them back cause I'm almost out of the two that I bought for myself. I love that product.

John H Porter

Vy good.

Patricia Gleason
Fig spread

Haven’t tried it yet but have had fig jams made in Croatia before and they are wonderful. Looking forward to trying this one.