Raw Hazelnuts / Filberts (No Shell)


Bare of their protective encasement, no shell hazelnuts reveal a pristine elegance, their smooth, mahogany surface inviting touch and taste alike. Liberated from the confines of their husks, these treasures offer an effortless indulgence, delivering a harmonious fusion of creamy texture and nutty depth. Unveiling their essence without constraint, no shell hazelnuts beckon culinary exploration with a refined simplicity that celebrates the essence of pure, unadulterated flavor.

  • Quick Source of Energy & Plant-Based Protein

  • Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Packed with Antioxidants & Vitamins

  • Free Shipping on 5lb+ Orders


Raw, no shell Hazelnuts

Serving Size: 30g (~1.1oz)

Calories: 188

Total Fat: 18g (23% DV)

Sat. Fat: 2g (8% DV)

Trans Fat: 0g (0% DV)

Cholesterol: 0mg (0% DV)

Sodium: 0mg (0% DV)

Total Carb.: 5g (2% DV) 

Fiber: 3g (11% DV)

Total Sugars: 1g 

Protein: 5g

Vit. D: (0% DV)

Orders under $59: $7.95-$8.95. AK/HI: $19.99

Orders over $59: Free (except AK/HI).

Delivery Times: 1-6 Business Days


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Raw Hazelnuts / Filberts (No Shell)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perry A
All t I had hope for.

I love hzelnuts. I love your hazelnuts. I bought some so everyone in my family can eat them for Christmas.

jennifer h
Goodness in a bag

Listen, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. The product is really good.

Nancy B

Great product great service

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Elevate Your Health and Culinary Creations with Our Exquisite Hazelnuts - A Taste of Nutrient-Packed Luxury

Embrace the dual allure of hazelnuts, as these versatile gems not only elevate the flavors of your culinary creations but also enrich your dishes with a host of health benefits. The buttery, nutty profile of hazelnuts imparts a delectable depth to both sweet and savory recipes. Whether finely ground into a velvety paste for indulgent desserts or lightly toasted to add a crunch to salads and main dishes, hazelnuts bring a nuanced richness that transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences.


Beyond their gastronomic charm, hazelnuts are a powerhouse of nutrition. Packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals, they contribute to overall well-being. The inclusion of hazelnuts in your diet supports brain function, boosts energy levels, and provides a satisfying source of dietary fiber. By integrating these delightful nuts into your cooking, you not only enhance the taste of your dishes but also infuse them with a healthful essence that caters to both your palate and your body's nutritional needs.