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Chiavalon Olive Oil


Whether you run an upscale retail establishment, a fine dining restaurant, or a firm looking for corporate gifts, Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil is the perfect product to keep your customers satisfied. Find out more about the Chiavalons on our producer page.

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From five star restaurants in the United States to Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy (and beyond!), the world’s top chefs can rely on the unique taste and quality of Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil to separate themselves from the pack. Perfect for a variety of dishes, the flexibility and consistently of the olive oil will impress your clientele.

Chiavalon ChefsChiavalon Chefs


Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil can be found on the shelves of kitchens in every state in the continental United States, with home chefs and gourmands trusting the Chiavalon brand to enhance their next meal. With a rare variety of olives native to Croatia that are grown in a milder climate, Chiavalon offers customers a new experience in olive oil for your clientele.

Chiavalon Olive Oil

 Corporate Gifts

Looking to stand out with your clients? Chiavalon olive oil allows firms to impress their clients by providing them with a memorable bottle of Croatia's "liquid gold." We've worked with a variety of firms to provide the right gift, both big and small, from coast to coast.