We've Finally Found It! After years of Searching!

The legend of the "Perfect Corporate Gift" was true and we've finally got our hands on it!

We chiseled away the ice, peered inside, and found exactly what we'd been searching for. A gift that met all of our needs but that we had never heard of before. What exactly had Drusk Trading Company concocted and how could it be so perfect?

Combining the famed Chiavalon Olive Oil and Troglava Fig Jam from Croatia, this hidden gem offers a taste of Mediterranean luxury that can only be found in the United States through Drusk Trading Company. But what makes it the ideal corporate gift?

 - Delicious, Award Winning Gourmet Products

Our olive oils are extra virgin, cold-pressed, and early harvest. While most "extra virgin" olive oils are diluted, mislabeled, or chemically altered, these oils are simple, organic goodness. Most fig products have a laundry list of ingredients that dilute the taste and quality. We keep it simple: 96% of our jams/spreads are simply the figs themselves, with a small amount of other ingredients.

 - Ideal Packaging and Preservation

Food gifts are great until it's time to ship them, take them home, or travel with them. Those chocolate-covered strawberries start to lose their luster after 3 hours in your carry on. Our jam and olive oil is easy to send or take away while staying fresh and enjoyable long after its received. Plus it comes in a beautiful gift box that adds to the experience.

 - Something Different

Ordering from the same old corporate gift companies can work if you're trying to check a box that "gifts were sent". We think your employees or clients deserve something they'll truly treasure that they won't find anywhere else. We offer a unique gift they can immediately enjoy that shows you went the extra mile to find something special.

Fortunately, no one expects you to journey to the edges of the Earth to get this great gift. That's our job. We brought these amazing Croatian products to the United States because we couldn't get enough of them while living abroad. You only need to fill out this form to start a conversation about purchasing our gift packages for your employees or clients this year.


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Still not sure if this is the right option for you? We encourage you to check out our site to learn more about each of our products, the awards they've won, and the rich story behind their origins. If it's us you're still trying to feel good about partnering with, here's why you should:

1.) We're a small business -- the internet has allowed us to provide the same quality and service of a large enterprise, but you can feel good knowing your money is going to everyday people trying to make the world a little more healthy, sustainable, and delicious. Help support our dream by letting us handle your gifting.

2.) We're highly rated and accredited -- our products are consistently receiving high marks for quality, taste, and service, both in online reviews and in national competitions. It's the best of Croatia with no plane ticket needed.

3.) We promise not to eat ANY of your food before it arrives. This may not be one of your top concerns when buying gourmet food online. It might not even make the top 10. But have any of the other brands personally guaranteed they won't take even one small bite? And is that a risk you're willing to take? 

To learn more about our background, visit our About Us section