Spilling the Secret to the Best Boards

Chiavalon | Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you're an adult and you're having people over, you're going to have to feed people. There's no getting around it. And let's face it: the bowl of stale chips and the promise of pizza that worked in college just isn't going to cut it anymore. I'm sure you're well past that point and have ventured into the world of Charcuterie boards, the elegant solution to "how do I make cheese and crackers seem fancy?". Maybe you're grabbing the pre-made grocery kit and re-plating it, hoping no one can tell. Maybe you're a connoisseur who carefully curates their meats, cheeses, and crackers weeks ahead of time with platings worthy of study at La Sorbonne. Either way, you're putting something out there and putting yourself out there in the process. That's where we come in. Sure, we offer delicious complements to charcuterie boards whose taste alone justifies including them. But that's only half of it. No matter how interesting you are, there will be lulls in conversation. It's the curse of any social gathering of loosely acquainted people with time on their hands. That's where the charcuterie board truly shines as more than just an over-sized, fancy Lunchable. It's also a conversation piece. "Try the meats! They're so good!", "Where'd you get this cheese from? It's delicious!" So while you're looking to elevate the tastes on your board, why not also the conversations bubbling around it?

That's where we come in.

Chiavalon Olive Oil has a rich history involving Croatian independence and a 14-year old's foray into olive cultivation that you can read about on our site and share with your guests.

The Troglava Fig Jam brand was developed by us to counter the fact that most commercially available fig jams have less than 50% fig compared to our 96%. I bet your guests didnt' know that, but you can teach them.

Croatia was a historic epicenter of olive cultivation before political conflict converted its sprawling farms into cold, industrialized complexes. It was Croatia's independence which catapulted Croatia back onto the pedestal of olive oil stardom. You can tell your guests THAT'S why they didn't realize Croatia created such good gourment food.

When people come to your home, they aren't just enjoying the food you offer them that day; they're leaving with a new favorite food to buy for themselves, show to others, and experience their own chance to enlighten their future guests.

And if you're feeling particularly generous, what's a better party favor than a small jar of the jam or spread they were enjoying during the party. A small token to remember the day and look forward to the next event.


If you're ready to experience the Croatian difference and become part of our story, choose the option that's best for you below:

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