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  • Top Croatian Chef & Olive Oil Producer Team Up In New York City

    As travel interest to Croatia grows in popularity, so does the American appetite for Croatian cuisine.  In January, a special dining event was held in New York City, bringing together an all-star culinary team that included Chef Djani Barbis of the Ritz Carlton Central Park, the Chiavalon brothers, producers of Chiavalon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Darko Matosic of Le Bernadin. Ethnic coastal dishes featuring one of Croatia’s top exports, Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil, were serve
  • Croatia’s Top Chef teams up with Croatia’s Top Olive Oil Producer In New York City For a Unique Culinary Event

    Having both made their mark in the city that never sleeps, the Chiavalons and chef Djani Barbis are now joining forces to showcase Croatia’s cuisine to the American public.
  • Chiavalon Ranked in Top 15 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the World

    To cap off another year of impressive awards, the Chiavalons finished the season with a top 15 ranking from the independent World's Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils association.
  • Yet Another Gold: Chiavalon Wins Award At Italy's Domina Competition

    In what appears to be another fantastic harvest for the Chiavalon's, the Domina International Olive Oil Competition hosted in Palermo, Italy granted the Chiavalon the top medal. With almost 350 olive oils entered into the competition from some of the top olive oil producers in the world, Chiavalon once again showed its supremacy by walking away with a gold.
  • Chiavalon Wins Best Overall Organic Olive Oil In Zurich

    In an incredible accomplishment for the Chiavalons, their Ex Albis extra virgin olive oil was given a gold medal and best overall organic extra virgin olive oil award by the Swiss Olive Oil Panel at the 2017 Zurich Olive Oil awards. Over 100 of the top olive oils from all over the world were present, and the Chiavalons reinforced their standing at the top of the olive oil making world with such an impressive achievement.
  • Ex Albis Scores Gold Medal at Olive Japan 2017

    The awards just keep rolling in for the Chiavalon family, as they captured yet another gold at Olive Japan 2017.
  • "ExtraGold" Medal Award To Chiavalon At 2017 BIOL Awards

    The highest medal, the "ExtraGold" award, was given to Chiavalon Ex Albis extra virgin olive oil at the 2017 BIOL competition for organic extra virgin olive oil. Now in it's 22nd year, the BIOL Awards is the premier competition for organic extra virgin olive oil in the heart of Italy. With the top organic olive oils from all over the world competing for a chance to take home one of BIOL's prestigious medals, Chiavalon captured the highest medal in the competition. For more informatio
  • Istria Named Top Olive Growing Region in the World

    For 2017, the world-renowned extra virgin olive oil rating guide, Flos Olei, designated Istria as being the top olive growing region in terms of quality.
  • KonobaNYC: A night of Croatian Cooking and Croatian Olive Oil

    As Croatia becomes the hot tourist destination it deserves it be, Croatia's gourmet food scene is beginning to come to light. Famous for its unique and elegant balance of flavors that come native to the Adriatic region, Croatia celebrated its culinary traditions with a one-of-a-kind event in New York City. Chef Djani Barbis of Felidia's hosted the event, showing off his culinary talent by creating a wide variety of ethnic Croatian dishes from the Dalmatian Pasticada to the Istrian
  • World-renowned Croatian chef uses Chiavalon olive oil for…a drink?

    From Robert Draper of the New York Times to the local Croatian gourmet guide Dobra Hrana (Good Food), Croatian chef Marin Rendić has gained all sorts of fans for his innovative approach in creating unique gourmet experiences. Located in the picturesque town of Novigrad on the Istrian coast in Croatia, Rendić’s popular restaurant Pepenero blends fresh, traditional ingredients with a modern kitchen. He also happens to be a huge fan of quality Croatian olive oil, having used Chiavalon

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